Fare to Freedom has merged with Chariot Transportchariot

We are pleased to announce that Fare to Freedom has merged with Chariot Transport, a Livonia non-emergency medical transportation company. Zac and Josh Marshbanks, along with a number of drivers joined the Chariot team effective January 1, 2016.

Chariot, a sister company to Aegis Health Perspectives and Kalous Case Management, is a Livonia based non-emergency medical transportation company dedicated to helping individuals achieve their highest level of independence. Chariot serves individuals with spinal cord injuries and other complex medical conditions, as well as ambulatory and non-ambulatory persons of all ages. Providing excellent customer service is the company’s top priority, assuring clients are effectively scheduled and arrive to their destinations in a timely manner. Dependability and consistency are a trademark of Chariot. Visit our new website at www.chariottransportllc.com